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All Women Can Have An ECSTATIC BIRTH


Dear Mother-To-Be,

Meeting your sweet baby is one of the most profound and ecstatic experiences of your life! You've been waiting for this moment-- holding your dreams and hopes in your heart,  navigating your fears, wondering what will it feel like to finally hold your child in your arms.  And yet... what do you think of when you imagine childbirth?

FEAR and PAIN are the two words most associated with birth... and with good reason. In a time and culture that does not honor a woman's body, her autonomy over it, or her choices, most women birth under less than ideal conditions.

Women experience difficult labors, complications, and interventions to rescue them from the negative experiences these cultural and medical conditions have created and perpetuated. No wonder so many women feel disconnected from their bodies, victimized and even traumatized after giving birth.  

It doesn't have to be this way!

Childbirth has the potential to be one of the most empowering, transformative and potentially pleasurable events in a woman's life. 

I created O BABY! to show you exactly how to honor your body's design, your personal truth and tap into the BLISS, the Ecstasy, and the PLEASURE that is inherently available to you as a fully conscious and powerful mother.

Sound good?

In O BABY! our attention and INTENTION will be on:

* Practices that feel GREAT in your body and support you in labor and delivery
* Disarming your fears so they don't disrupt the flow of your labor and trigger interventions
* Consciously creating your birth to align with your deepest desires so that you remember this profound moment with awe and celebration  
* Tapping into your primal wisdom & following its lead for an optimal birth experience

It is my mission to empower you with everything you need to greet your baby and enter motherhood feeling strong, vibrant and full of JOY! 

Read all the way through to discover how.

Much Love, 


Sheila Kamara Hay



Who is this for?

Mothers-To-Be who are committed to--

  • ENJOYing your rite of passage into motherhood  (rather than enduring!)
  • Birthing your babies consciously and with pleasure
  • Honoring your body's processes and wisdom in childbirth for an easy delivery
  • Training your body for pleasure in a way that feels really accessible and effective
  • Releasing fear from your body and birth plans and be guided by LOVE

and of course...

  • Fierce conscious women interested in conceiving and becoming mothers in the future!  

The O BABY! Curriculum:  

Day 1: Foundations for Ecstasy. Activate your capacity for ecstasy in birth and life by delving into the realm of the body!

Day 2: The Most Holistic Birthing Tool. Can you guess what it is?? PLEASURE!  We illuminate how pleasure is not a reward or bonus, but an integral part of your birthing anatomy and process!  

Day 3: Embracing the Shadow. Those elements that you fear and try to avoid are fueled by your resistance. We clear the way for your Ecstatic Birth by bringing light to the shadow and including it in your birth preparation.

Day 4: Mmmmmm Pleasure! Bringing pleasure to birth, surrounding yourself with pleasure, and accessing pleasure from within!!!  So many tools, practices, tips... how deep do you dare to go?  

Day 5: O Mama! Reveling in the nourishment, body connection, and pleasure you receive from preparing for an Ecstatic Birth and consciously bringing those gifts into motherhood.


O BABY! paves the way for a glorious, EMPOWERED AND ECSTATIC entrance into motherhood! 




Hi! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I am passionate about sharing tools and resources for you to have your Ecstatic Birth experience.

Why? I personally have experienced the spectrum of births from the traumatic to the ecstatic. I loved being pregnant for the first time, was in awe of my body's wisdom and wanted to experience that in birth, but I did not know how to create that. My first experience was painful and disempowering and gave me a very rough start in motherhood.

I am a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist, and I was determined to find another way.. a way that honored my body and my experience as a woman. I dove in deep... in birthwork, in research, in sensual expansion practices, anything to train myself.. body, mind, heart, and soul. What I discovered blew me away and led me to have 2 very different births, births that were empowering, FUN, primal, powerful, & ECSTATIC.

In the last 10 years I have supported countless women around the globe in the creation and reclamation of their Ecstatic Births and have trained birth practitioners to do the same for their clients.

O BABY! is the very heart of my work, the distillation of all my training and research in one very potent and sexy package!

It is everything I wish I would have known when preparing for my first birth-- the very things that could have prevented my traumatic birth (and support you in creating your ECSTATIC Birth!) 💕


"Wise, joyful, and sensuous are the words that flow as I think of Sheila sharing her wisdom on Ecstatic- Birth! I love her insights as she guides us to reconnect with our feminine power, knowledge and intuition."

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Director and Co Author – Orgasmic Birth 

DONA Doula Trainer and Chair of the International Motherbaby Childbirth Organization




“The voice of Sheila Kamara Hay is both wanted and needed in the world of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  She is helping women to redefine the birth experience and make birth into their own powerful evolution.  I love her work and her commitment to women!”

Regena Thomashauer

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

#1 NYT Bestselling Author 


“It is you and your contemporaries who have caught the torch that I have been holding high since I was 22!!! It’s nice to rest my arm a bit now– and see the torch shining even brighter!!!”

Dr. Christiane Northrup 

Women's Wellness Advocate and OB/GYN

#1 NYT Bestselling Author

 How do you want to show up for your baby? 

  • Fueled by respect, love, safety, and ECSTASY and creating that lifelong imprint in your baby's body  
  • Deeply connected to your body and intuition, your mothering superpowers!
  • Caring for your child with the full force of your LOVE and ENERGY  

Too many new moms struggle postpartum with feelings of depletion, powerlessness and even trauma.

It doesn't have to be that way.

 O BABY! short circuits and rewires many of the underlying causes of these negative outcomes and feelings, empowering you to enter motherhood feeling STRONG, VIBRANT and JOYFUL!

You deserve this... and so does your baby.   

What You Get in O BABY!:

A REVOLUTIONARY package specifically designed for you to prepare for PLEASURE in childbirth!! 


✓ 5 Seminars over 5 Days

✓ Cutting Edge Content, Mindset Shifts, Tools & Practical Exercises

✓ Body Practices to Access Pleasure in Birth

✓ Done for you Notes to Enhance Learning & Implementation 

✓ Worksheets and Journal Prompts to Dive DEEP 

✓ Downloadable Recordings and PDFs    

Begin your Ecstatic Birth Training with O BABY!