Complimentary Resources to Prepare for YOUR Ecstatic Birth! 

Why have an Ecstatic Birth?

I want you to enjoy giving birth to your child. At its best, the birth experience provides a powerful blend of emotional empowerment, spiritual connection, and physical ecstasy. This type of birth is available to the fully conscious, fierce and well-prepared woman.

Let’s be honest, this is quite different from the experiences most women have birthing their children, experiences that are drenched with fear and pain. As a result, many new moms struggle postpartum with feelings of depletion, powerlessness and even trauma.

Can you imagine a world in which every baby grows in the light of a joyful empowered mother?

It may be the EXACT MEDICINE WE NEED for the future of this planet.

Give birth your way… with pleasure.

I've been working with expectant moms, perinatal and birth practitioners for the past 10 years to bring more ease, flow, pleasure and ECSTASY into the birthing room.

This bundle will give you the foundation you need to plan for your own Ecstatic Birth!

Inside you will find:

The Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth Masterclass,  

This video masterclass lays the foundation, revealing all the essential pieces to understanding, preparing for and experiencing an Ecstatic Birth.

Powerful PDFS:  

  • Sacred Sensual,  connecting you to the wonder and magic of your sexual self, an integral piece of reclamation necessary to embrace an Ecstatic Birth.
  • Invite Ecstasy, your cliffs notes to prepare for an Ecstatic Birth reminding you to train in both big and small ways for childbirth.
  • Orienting to Pleasure , a basic but potent body practice and some prompts to help you get the most out of this experience.  
  • Plan your Birth-Day Party,  inviting you to explore ways to integrate pleasure into your birth plans and preparations.
  • Disarm your Fears, helping you get really clear on your primary fears and unravel them ahead of giving birth. 

The Expectant Mama's Guide to Ecstatic Birth

I will hold your hand in this 10 day email course as we bring the idea of pleasruable birth into your reality!

++BONUS!! Training Sessions

I’m gifting you the first 3 sessions of the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions, an inspiring and consciousness-raising series I created, featuring the wisdom of the leading practitioners and visionaries in women’s health, sexuality and childbirth. 

Meet Sheila

Hi I’m Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth advocate, coach and trainer. My own childbirth journeys left me exclaiming, “Why didn’t I know it can be this good? Women need to know!” I’m passionate about providing you with tools and resources to create your own Ecstatic Birth. I'm a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist and ’ll be your guide on this journey, and I am so excited for you to have this experience!

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