Training your body for Pleasure is easier than you think! 


 Ecstatic Birth Body Integration Practices:

Simple and effective practices to begin your somatic training and embodiment of pleasure.

The language of the body is SENSATION! 

Access to your feeling space is the key to moving through birth and life in an aligned and pleasurable way.



What are the practices?

Included are 15 short audio meditations and/or exercises that explore your connection to your body, your inner wisdom, and the limitless pleasure that is always flowing within. 

These exercises are meant to be really simple access points to train your body for pleasure in birth and in life.  

They include a spectrum of ways to connect to and amplify the sensation of pleasure in your body.


Who is this for?

Women who..

  • would like to experience more pleasure in their bodies and in their lives
  • are interested in deepening their relationships with their bodies and inner wisdom
  • want to train their bodies for pleasure in a way that feels really accessible and effective
  • are looking for nourishing and sustainable body practices that they can easily integrate into their daily lives

and of course...

  • anyone interested in preparing for an Ecstatic Birth or supporting another in birthing with pleasure 


The cost is $49.

The Body Integration practices are available to access online in conjunction with the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions.

Or they can be downloaded and practiced offline independently.

Pick your pleasure!  


Wise, joyful, and sensuous are the words that flow as I think of Sheila sharing her wisdom on Ecstatic- Birth! I love her insights as she guides us to reconnect with our feminine power, knowledge and intuition.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Director and Co Author – Orgasmic Birth,




“The voice of Sheila Kamara Hay is both wanted and needed in the world of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  She is helping women to redefine the birth experience and make birth into their own powerful evolution.  I love her work and her commitment to women!”

Regena Thomashauer,


“It is you and your contemporaries who have caught the torch that I have been holding high since I was 22!!! It’s nice to rest my arm a bit now– and see the torch shining even brighter!!!”

Dr. Christiane Northrup,

If you are a full bodied YES to the paradigm shift that Ecstatic Birth represents, begin your training with the Ecstatic Birth Body Integration Exercises.




Enjoying birth can be as simple as learning to FEEL.

Much love,