Session 1: DESIRE... Conception

In this first session we dove right into the first stages in the feminine cycle of creation: DESIRE & CONCEPTION!

We dissected our current cultural story of creation, a story of shaming the feminine, particularly the feminine body and DESIRE...,

Began the process of reclamation, honoring our desire, and reconnecting to our bodies...,

Teased out some of the biggest blocks to honoring our desires and activating our directed action in support of our desires..,  &

Cleared the path for the conscious conception of our desires by leaning into our feeling space and always, always, moving towards PLEASURE!!!

Body Practice

At the end of your practice, ask your body, "What do I need to do today to FEEL GOOD?"  and prioritize it!!
Over the next month, I invite you to do the following body practice daily (Remember, small practices done consistently create monumental change!). This practice is created specifically to awaken and deepen your connection to your feeling space, your inner wisdom, and the language of the body: Sensation. 
I recommend journaling your experience after the practice, articulating what sensations you experienced during the practice.  This amplifies and accelerates your process.  

The Feminine Cycle of Creation

In Ecstatic Birthing for Goddesses, we take the feminine cycle of creation, the journey of conception through pregnancy, labor and delivery as it relates to our METAPHORICAL babies.

Collectively we will focus on one stage each month during our live calls, learning how to identify and diffuse common obstacles and practicing tools of pleasure to support your flow through moments of intensity unique to that stage.

During the private sessions, the focus is wholly on what YOU are creating, identifying your unique spot in the feminine cycle and exploring practices to infuse your journey with pleasure while supporting your process.

Our exploration will always bring us back to the body and how to locate and expand the flow of ecstasy within!

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